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Dev Kamrunag Trek. Best Thrilling One.

Dev Kamrunag| Dev Kamrunag is a holy place to visit for Hindu Pilgrims. Reaching Kamrunag is itself a beautiful trek. Kamrunag is the best trek for beginners as well. Kamrunag is famous for its lake and the temple next to the lake. Here on this topic, I am going to share my experience of this trek that we experienced and also be sharing the pictures that we clicked. So, let’s start:

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Kamrunag Lake

Planning the trip/trek:

I and my friends planned it according to the best season and the festival which is held at Kamrunag every year just before the rainy season. Choosing the right season is very important when you think of going to such a place so we did it as this affects a lot of things. Its height is 3334 Mtr. From the sea level so plan accordingly. The weather of Kamrunag during our visit is also very beautiful about 22-23 degrees during the day and 15-16 during the night. We planned the trip by checking all these things way earlier. Choosing the right time to trek is also very important if you are a snow lover you can go in winter as well which can make it even more challenging. We planned our trip for June 13 & 14, 2022 during the festival at the temple/lake. And it’s about 6-8 Kilometres inclined at up to 80 degrees at some points. So better to know all these things before the trek.

Me Backpacking Stuff

Reaching Dev Kamrunag:

It is in the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh, India. You can reach the starting point of the trek by road only. If you want to come by air the nearest airport is Bhuntar Airport which is about 104 Kilometres. So according to me, it’s better to come by road and explore the Himalayas in a better way. There are many local ways to trek this trip. But we choose to trek from Rohanda, which is very popular for this trek and the challenging one. Since I am from Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh so it took a 2-2.5 hours road trip to Rohanda. 


Our Trek/Trip to Dev Kamrunag:

So, as I mentioned earlier, we planned a trip for 13-14 June. So, we were 6 in number and started our journey at around 10 pm in the evening from Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh to protect ourselves from the summer heat during the day. We go by a private car enjoying the road trip listening to a mix of kinds of music. We reached the Rohanda at around 1:30 am in the morning after having various refreshment stops including places like Sunder Nagar. There were many tourists arriving during this time so we saw many were reaching as well.

During the Trek Dancing Stop

Then before we start to climb, we took a half-hour’s rest and started the trek climb at 2:00 AM in the morning. During the 1st 10-15 minutes we thought that it was very easy for us but then the 70-80 degrees climb started to bother us but we were enjoying the Tiredness, as well as many tourists, who were also trekking with us. But it was very thrillful to climb some very steep sharp edges of the climb. We found some pilgrims who were playing the songs and dancing we also joined them and started dancing with them on the way to the devotional songs. There were many refreshments stalls on the way during this festival season called Langars, they were also helping a lot. The rations to these stalls are provided by the Horses which carry the loads from Rohanda and supply to these stalls on such climbs. We also took a rest during the climb at these stalls. And also, we saw many people who were camping on the grass fields of this trek and enjoying themselves. Cold Breeze also blows making our sweaty bodies cold and giving relief to us. We didn’t click many pictures as it was the night time so we decided to take pictures in the morning during our return to see the views of the Himalayas. We reached the top at the Dev Kamrunag, after climbing this 6-8 Kilometres trek at 4:45 AM in the morning. And there was a lot of rush at the top as there are many pilgrims and the festival was at its peak. And there was hardly any network on our cell phones at the top. The temperature was also freezing. We bowed at the temple took the blessings and did the Parikarma(One Round circle of the lake) of the lake as this was considered holy. Many people were donating money to the lake in De Kamrunag’s name to fulfil their wishes or after the completion of their wishes. It is considered that there is worth millions of gold, money and other precious things in the lake that were donated by the devotees. There were also many stalls at the top and the view was just Aww. 

Morning Down Trek

After spending some time at the top, we started our down trek at around 6:15 AM before the sun came. Then during our return, we also stopped at one of the stalls (Langar) to serve there in the name of God and give many people refreshments who were climbing. During our down trek, we saw the tremendous beauty of the Himalayas. The Views from such height were mesmerizing all of us and everyone was clicking the pictures. We reached back at Rohanda at around 9:45 AM on the 14 of June. And returned to home safely. In the end this was a very good refreshing trip of Dev Kamrunag for all of us.

At Kamrunag Temple

Some More Trekking Images Enjoy: 

So that’s all about “Dev Kamrunag Trek. Best Thrilling one”. Thanks for giving your precious time for this, I hope you love the little trek story and you can read the more informational topics on this site related to everything that I came in touch with.

Thank You.

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