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Brexit. Why and What triggers the Brexit? All about Brexit.

Brexit| Brexit is in simple words the exit of UK from European Union. Brexit is very important incident in the history of United Kingdom. Brexit changes the politics of UK forever and impact in various other ways. In this topic we will discuss from where it all started and what triggers the Brexit more and Why did it happen. So let's Start :

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European Union :

EU( European Union) is the political and economic union of European countries. And According to the EU official website it’s purpose is to promote peace, establish a unified economic and monetary system, combat discrimination, breaking the trade and borders barriers and many more. It’s Headquarters is in Brussels, Belgium and founded in 1957. At that time it was formed to over the bloody wars between the neighbor countries, which culminated in the second World War. Countries of EU get much benefit when they are trading with each others and the borders are also open for all the citizens to move freely from one nation to other no need of visa is there, this helps people to connect more with each other. So this is the little information about the EU.

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Brexit History :

Brexit is Britain exit from  EU. UK joined EU in 1973 but after 2 years later a political party there asked for referendum and ask people whether to stay in EU or not. And in that referendum 68% people said that yes they will remain in EU and then for next 30 years there is no such referendum. But after the elections of 2010 such demands are started again arising whether to stay or not in EU. Then in 2015 general elections happened in UK and UKIP( United Kingdom Independence Party) got 12% vote and this party become popular in UK and this party is formed on the basis to get UK out of EU. So to suppress the popularity of this party Conservative party made election promise that if they came in power then they will do this referendum whether to stay in EU or Not? And this promise is successful for this party and they got elected in 2015 with David Cameron as a Prime Minister. Then This referendum is happened in 2016.

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What triggers the Brexit :

Many Political parties started their campaigns that they must leave EU. And also that EU charges much more billions of pounds than other countries as membership fee. But the fee is depending and varying according to the economy. Too much red tape means that to do any work you have to go through many document related work. People of UK say that the EU is interfering the own affairs of UK and also the law making powers mainly on the fisheries industry as EU is regulating all the limits and rules. Immigration is one of the key points that it is affecting the UK hard. Many immigrants from many other countries are preferring the UK most this is affecting the UK citizens. This policy of immigration also decided by the EU not by the UK and the limits of Immigration. And also Political leaders say that if they get exit from EU then they can become the super charged economy like Singapore. So many political leaders like Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and many more told the people about these issues and so that UK must exit EU. These all campaigns and public gatherings triggers this UK exit from EU the most.

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Stay Caimpaigns :

Many stay compaigns were also there who were against this exit from EU. Reasons were that selling things to other EU countries easier and help a lot in economy. Flow of Immigrants are mostly young and keen to work which also fuels the economy growth. And we are more secure when we are aligned to other EU countries. Bargaining power at the world table and we will be more strong as a group in front of world. Businesses are much easier for them to move money, people and products which is a huge factor for economy growth. Many political leaders were in this stay campaign including David Cameron, Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn.

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The Referendum :

It means a vote in which everyone of voting age can take part to choose side. And held on 23 June, 2016, to decide whether UK should leave or remain in the European Union. Voter turnout in this referendum is 72% more than 30 million people take part in the voting. Resulting 51.9% voted to leave EU and 48.1% to stay in EU. This voting has a huge regional variation like in northern part majority is to stay and in southern part majority is to leave the EU.

Ramifications of referendum :

David Cameron Resigns from his PM seat. Theresa May become the new PM. Nigel Farage resigns as a head from the UKIP head. Markets collapsed share market saw huge plummet and the value of pound sterling also decreased and London Stock exchange also hit the low point in many decades. All stock exchange of the world saw a decline the next day.

Brexit Deal :

Since the referendum result is to leave EU but UK may face many financial problems and their businesses may get hurt. So UK want to leave the EU with some deal in which trade did not get too much lose. So this deal comes to exit UK with soft exit having less damage to the economy. But in this deal many issues were raised that are giving problem to UK like border problems and business and trading problem. But many times EU rejects these negotiations as they are favorable to them. The deal was rejected and Theresa May was not able to make the UK out of EU softly, then she resigns in 2019. Then re-elections occur and Boris Johnson from conservative party won the election with the promise that he will take UK out of EU very early and easily.

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Boris Johnson

The Brexit :

Boris become the PM on the promise that he will take UK out of EU by 31 Jan 2020. So the deal were made but there still some negotiation that are not agreed between UK and EU. But after the negotiations were made UK successfully get out of EU on 31 January, month 2020, and entered in the 11 transition period.  In this transition period UK will remain in EU’s customs union and single market and will continues to obey EU rules. Earlier Boris jonson also said that if this time it was not done in time then he will make the hard exit of UK from EU without any deal, but this time transition period time is given to make the deal correctly and if ratified by EU then UK may continue the soft trade with EU otherwise this will be hard exit the deadline for this is January 2021. Now UK has to established the new relations with EU countries for trade after this transition period otherwise UK may face some economy related problems.

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This is all about the topic Brexit. Why and what triggers it and all about Brexit. I hope you all learn something new in this topic and if you like it then share it.

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