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Earth magnetic Field. Why Earth Magnetic poles are Shifting?

Earth Magnetism| Earth has a huge Magnetic field. This Magnetic filed made earth magnetic poles. And now these earth's magnetic poles are shifting. This magnetic field of earth is the main reason for life on earth. In this topic we are going to discuss about Earth magnetic field. How and Why Earth Magnetic poles are shifting? Why earth has a magnetic field? All these questions will be discussed in this topic and also some other queries as well. So let's Start : 

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Earth Layers and Core :

The Core of the earth is primarily made up of nickel and iron. If we drill the earth surface then we will go through crust then mantle and then reached to the core of the earth. Core is further divided into two parts outer core and inner core. The outer core of the earth is interestingly in liquid form and is the composition of the various metals & these metals are also in the liquid form. But the Inner core of the earth is of very high temperature and is solid. Now question may arise in your mind why the inner core is in solid form even though it very hot than the outer core. The reason for the solid state of the inner core is due to very high pressure of the whole earth and the melting point of iron, the main constituent of the core, Increases as the pressure goes up. So the inner core is solidified due to high pressure of the earth.

Magnetic field of the Earth :

Earth has a huge magnetic field. This magnetic field is also called as geomagnetic field & this magnetic field started from the interior of the earth and spreads upto the outer space. This magnetic field looks like loops around the earth and is invisible but exists. And this magnetic field is more intense at the north and south pole of the earth. Core has the vital role in the formation earth’s magnetic field. Magnetic field is very important for life on earth since the beginning of the earth form the dinosaurs time. The shield formed by this magnetic field around the earth is called as Magnetosphere. This magnetosphere saves earth from sun’s solar flairs heat, UV radiation, atmosphere and life on earth.

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Why Earth has a Magnetic Field?

It is due to the generation by the convection currents of molten iron and nickel in the earth’s core. So that’s how core is important for the magnetic field. When the earth spins then the liquid form in the outer core also starts spinning  and due to it’s motion it produces currents. Then these metals in the liquid form produces friction and by friction produces charge. These currents produced form the outer core carry steams of charged particles and generates the magnetic field. It’s almost like magnet produces in the earth’s core and this process is called as the Coriolis Force. This Force resulting from the earth spin, also causes swirling whirlpools. This magnetic field lies from billions of years. And this whole process of forming of Magnetic field is called as Geodynamo. This also leads to the question that does all planets have the magnetic field? Answer to that question is no. All planets doesn’t have magnetic field. The strongest magnetic field planets in our solar system is of the giant gas planets like Jupiter, Saturn Neptune, Uranus. And among all the other rocky planets earth has the strongest magnetic field among all Mercury, Venus and Mars. Venus almost doesn’t almost have any magnetic field. And of Mars many scientist believed that many billion years ago mars has magnetic field and then slowly the core of the mars solidified and no currents get produced and hence no life exists there.

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Uses of Magnetic Field :

Primarily there are main 3 uses of this field for us.

1. Protects Earth.

2. Some animals use the earth’s magnetic field to navigate. Like turtles, reptile use this field for migration. This inbuilt capability if these animals is called as Magnetoreception. Through this they can detect the north pole and south pole easily.

3. Magnetic poles are used by humans for navigation. These poles have very dense magnetic field. Many compass of ships use this magnetic field for their navigation.

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Why Earth’s Magnetic Pole is shifting?

We humans assume that our earth is vertical and decided geographical north and south pole. But our earth is little tilted with 23.5 degrees inclination. So there exits magnetic poles both south and north pole having more intense magnetism. Magnetic north pole of the earth decides the earth’s outer core, whatever is the movement in the core it shifts accordingly to that movement in the core. And this magnetic pole keeps changing depending on the core’s movement. But now in the present time this has been changing with very high speed much more than the anticipation by the scientists. This can give problems in navigation as our compass use magnetic field for the navigation. During the 1900’s this magnetic north pole is in Canada but now in present time it is in the Artic ocean. And now it being anticipated that it will move towards the Russian region Siberia. This will be huge shift in the Magnetic poles. Scientist trying to figure it out why all of this is happening. Lot research on this shift is under process. We can not see the earth’s core what’s happening there as it very deep and and very hot. So we can’t be sure how the currents are moving there what’s going on in the core of our earth. Only we can do is calculation and make theories based on this. And we can adopt ourselves according to the earth changes.

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Impact on  World Magnetic Model :

So now whatever changes you are experiencing are due to the changing of this earth’s Magnetic field. Software updation in our navigation, and changes in the world magnetic model are being done according to the changes in the earth’s magnetic poles. World magnetic model is standard model of the core and large scale crustal magnetic field. Many data in this is being updated so it can navigate properly the locations. Many changes has been done in the International Hydrographic Organization related to the navigation. Major countries are observing the impact of this shift in the magnetic field poles.

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So that’s all about the topic “Earth magnetic Field. Why Earth Magnetic poles are Shifting?”. Thanks for giving time to read it. I hope you learn something new and if you like it then don’t forget to share it.                     

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