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Charlie Hebdo Controversy. All about Charlie Hebdo.

Charlie Hebdo| Charlie Hebdo is a French Magazine. Hebdo means "weekly" in French. This magazine group is in the news for various posts on Charlie Hebdo. They say that in French they are using their freedom of speech. And due to this magazine controversy protests in many countries have started. So in this topic we are going to discuss all about it the history of Charlie Hebdo who are they everything about this magazine. So let's Start :

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Charlie Hebdo & history :

This is a French magazine as mentioned above. Charlie Hebdo was being attacked by terrorist in 2015 killing 12 people. Now the trials on the people involving in the attack was about to start then again this magazine makes the controversy. The controversy they are doing is that they are showing the Prophet Mohammad in the Cartoon pictures again in 2020 and Prophet Mohammad is very reputed figure in the Muslim Religion. OIC ( Organization of Islamic Cooperation) also Condemn this incident. The Cartoons was first published in 2005 in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten and at that time war on terror was on it’s peak. This magazine started in 1960 by the name of “Hara-kiri” a Japanese word used for suicide. At that time this magazine makes the cartoons of the political parties, and push them against their policies and these were very offensive. They depict themselves as far left wing and are fully secular. This magazine was also banned for small time of period in 1961 and then in 1966. In 1970 former French president Charlie De Gaulle passed away and after 8 days later a French club got on fire killing 146 people and this magazine make fun of this incident & after this again this was banned and to avoid this ban they changed their name to “Charlie Hebdo”.

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In 1981 the publication of this magazine got sealed and for till 11 years nothing was printed on this magazine. And in 1992 this magazine saw it’s revival by publishing many posts. But the main event happened in 2006. In 2005 in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten Published a cartoon related to Paigambar Mohammad this got attention and later on this news paper regret to the public, but the Charlie Hebdo reprinted this Cartoon in their Page. Then this magazine saw the greatest criticism and people got divided in two groups. On one side people supporting them related to freedom of speech in France as France is secular. And on the other side many people were against the Charlie Hebdo to hurt the sentiments of Religion. Charlie Hebdo also said this that they are not disrespecting any religion but just using their freedom of speech. But in the present situation this magazine is also not apologizing. When in 2006 it was reprinted about Prophet that was not correct and also many things were written in magazine. During 2006 many copies of Charlie Hebdo were sold out quickly. But all the Muslim countries was so upset about this incident. And Grand Mosque of Paris Union of French Islamic Organization Sue them and warning was given to them but after that they didn’t stop. In 2008 they again printed and in 2011 in response to this attack was happened on their office. In this also they printed many provocating pictures and in these picture of cartoon prophet Mohammad was depicted very badly. There were no images of Prophet available anywhere and Muslims believed that we human are not that capable of making picture of Prophet. So this magazine depicting the Prophet in cartoons hurts the sentiments of Muslims all over the world. This was the controversy that this magazine was involved in. In 2012 a movie made in America by name “Innocence of Muslim” and based on this movie these pictures and cartoons were started. Protests started in all Muslim world regarding this event and on that Charlie Hebdo started printing these cartoon which give push to the protests. After this movie many American embassies were attacked in Muslim countries government requested to take this back but nothing happened. And in response to this two gunman Kouachi brothers went to Charlie Hebdo office in 2015 and killed 12 people including editor in chief Stephan Charbonnier. But now in the present time when trials regarding the suspects of this incident was about to begin then again this magazine published the controversial cartoons, again starting the protests. But to hurt the sentiments of any religion is not good at all we must avoid these types of events and things. And Prophet was a very reputed in Muslims so we must respect that and not hurt the sentiments of any religion in the world.

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Why this Happened again ?

Many people believe that these are being published to make the people on their side. And in many countries around the world the protest regarding various issues are going on specially in Europe. Some experts are saying that Charlie Hebdo is taking provocating actions and needlessly reopening the old wounds. And again the experts said that there might be again a chance of another terrorist attack regarding this publication. Again many protest related to this magazine started in Muslim countries like in Pakistan they are saying that to boycott French goods and against the France. Many people went on the street with posters like kick out French embassies. In these protests many common man also protesting against the France and these protest are on huge scale in Pakistan.

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So yeah that was the Controversy that Charlie Hebdo was involved in from the very long time and recently again in the news regarding the cartoon printing of Prophet. This whole incident has taken the whole matter on to a different level the trials will end by November regarding the 2015 attack on Charlie Hebdo.

So this was all about the topic “Charlie Hebdo Controversy. All about Charlie Hebdo.” Thanks for giving time to read it and if you like the information provided in this post then don’t forget to share it.

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