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Ants. Why Ants don't Sleep ? and some facts about the Ants.

Ants | Ants are the very important part of our ecosystem. Ants have a very significant role in the diversity of our planet. Facts about ants are more amazing when one read about it. So today in this topic we will discuss all about ants. Why don't they sleep ? Is that even true? or a misconception. And also we will be discussing about some amazing facts about Ants. So let's start :

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Ants & do they sleep or not ?

Ants are found everywhere all around the world except for the continent of Antarctica. Ants directly or indirectly helps us in food of humans. Ants are also very active in very harsh weather but the biggest question here is that are ants are very active all day long. The answer to this is no ant’s do sleep but there sleeping pattern is very different and unusual than others. They have a totally different pattern of sleeping and they also don’t dream while sleeping. Most of the ants go to outer world to eat the food and ant’s are more active in the night than the day. The season for there maximum presence of activation is during the summer and spring. And also as far as according to the entomologists these type of insects do not have any type of pain receptors, which they do not feel the pain in their body. But is may be possible that they may feel the irritation or can feel the part which have any kind of damage in it. Every ant have a nap period of around 10 to 12 minutes in a 12 hour long period. So they sleep in a cyclic way as they also have their own kind of kingdom with queen is heading them. So yeah ants sleeps in a turn by turn order with a very little naps.

During the night the insect have a very powerful night vision. So they can see us by using their photo receptors by which a ant can even detect us through a wall. And ants are considered to be very powerful creatures as they can carry almost 50 times their body weight. And ants travel all day to find food and attack other insects colonies too and during the night for rest they make their own nest which is temporary and keeps on moving the next day. And when ant’s die they do not scream as ants can not scream as they don’t feel the pain in the body. Ants also don’t cry as they don’t have any tear ducts in them and also they can not feel any emotion like the humans do. And also the life span of the ants also varies from type to type like black garden ant have a life span of about 15 years and Pharaoh ants have 4- 12 months long life span only. But ants are very intelligent and they also perform the intelligent actions for the colonies of ants as well. And also about the ant bite, they bite us to self defend themselves when they feel the danger around them. So this is about the ants that they sleep with a very short nap in 12 hours. Now let’s see some of the most interesting facts about the ants.

Facts About Ants :

1. Ants can stitch up the wounds or a cut on our body. Yes it’s true that they can stitch up the wound cuts in our body. In the African region many tribes used this method in the history to stitch up their little wounds they have, army of ants do this work for them.

2. One of the coolest fact is that ants are as older as the Dinosaurs. Yes it’s true scientist believed that ant’s are here since the time of dinosaurs. This means that ants are the creature which have seen the end of the dinosaurs and also have seen many more other creatures which are extinct in present time.

3. Some of the ants practices a old form of the slavery. This can be true as ants have their colonies with a head among themselves queen, so there must be other to serve the queen. So yeah ants practices old form of the slavery in the colonies.

4. More than 12,000 of the species of the ants have been found till now and many more are still undiscovered. Each of the species have some unique features and characteristics in them which help them survive in the environment according to their needs.

5. One of the out of the box fact is that ants don’t have lungs. So many people think then how do they live well here how it is due to their very small size and little size, they don’t have enough space to accommodate complex respiratory system like us. So they have their own way for the respiration and the transport of the oxygen to their body parts. They have tin spiracles all over the body to breathe.  

6. Ant’s also don’t also have any ears. Well they don’t have any ears but they are not deaf, they can feel the vibrations around them through the ground waves. So yeah they hear us and every other organism by the vibrations of each other.

7. Ants can also swim in the water. Well not all the species of the ants are capable of doing this as it depends completely on the type of the species. There are also such species which can also swim underwater.

8. Ants have two stomachs, yes it’s also true fact that ant’s have 2 stomachs. One of the stomach is for the holding the food consumption and other is for storing the food for later or sharing with other ants as well.

9. As I have already told you about the colonies in the ants. So the queen ant size is very big in these colonies than the other one’s and some of the largest queen in other colonies the queen can also have the wings too.

10. Ants can be considered as the soil structure engineers. Ants disperse the seeds of many plants, pollinating plants and improve the quality of the soil, making it more fertile and help in the good growth of the crops. So yeah they are also the friends of the farmers.

So that’s all about the topic “Ants. Why Ants don't Sleep? and some facts about the Ants.” Thanks for giving time to read it I hope you all learn something new in this, and if you like it then don’t forget it share it.       

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