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Internet. Who invented Internet? How Internet Works?

Internet| Internet is the most commonly used by everyone directly on indirectly. Internet has connected the whole world together. Internet discovery history is very interesting. Today we are going to discuss about internet how it was discovered? who invented it? in the shortest way possible. Many more queries related to this will be solved in this topic. So let's start :

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Internet  :

First of all let’s discuss what is internet? Internet is just the network which is connects many computers and other devices such as mobiles, laptops etc. together. Through internet people from every corner of the world can connect to each other and can share information with each other easily through this network. Internet connection is made possible with the satellites and the optical fiber wire which were installed in the ocean surface connecting the different continents together.

Invention of Internet :

Now as we all know that internet is considered to the greatest invention of modern days as it connects the whole world together. It’s invention credit can’t be given to single man as many people have provide their different role in it’s discovery. The idea of internet is can be given to Leonard Kleinrock when in 1961 he published the “information flow in large communication nets” paper. In 1968 in Stanford Research Institute some people had discussion about doing the meeting online. Then after this on 3rd july 1969, University of California released a press and tell people about the internet network. After this Internet discoveries got it’s pace on to a different level. The first message sent on internet was “lO”. Actually what happens during sending the message the system crashed and then instead of log in only “lo” was sent.

After this IP(Internet Protocol) address or internet protocol was discovered in 1970 by Vint Cerf & Robert E. Kahn which is very popular and widely used today and is considered to be the backbone of the internet. These two were also recognized as father of internet. During an event in 1972 these two connected 30 computer together surprised everyone. After this US made them the director of the computer research and Development. And around 1980’s British computer scientist Tim Berners lee invented the world wide web (WWW) which is used widely with  every website. And Around 1990 the first search engine was Archie Search Engine and after that many were discovered like Google, Yahoo. And this is how slowly internet saw it’s growth and now it has become world’s largest network.

How Internet works?

Now when you are reading this topic it reaches to you very shortly from miles away through many Google data centers. Your data which you want to share is stored in the data centers. Then to send this date to which you want to share is mainly done by using satellites using signals. But these signals can be very time consuming as it will take much time to reach the destination at thousand miles away. So to overcome this problem we use Optical fiber networks. These optical fiber are connected to data centers to your device networks. Whether you think you are connected to a tower but in reality you are connected to an optical fiber network. Your data which you want to send is stored in the many different data centers in the servers and then through these fiber cable this data is being circulated to the destination points. Remember the IP ( Internet Protocol) address your data is being collected in numbers form through these IP’s and then computer decode these IP’s and then your message will be sent in the decrypting manner to the user. That’s simply how the internet works in it’s simplest form.

Advantages of Internet :

1. Through Internet one can connect to the unknown or known person thousands of miles away with ease and share the information with each other very fastly.

2. By the use of internet one can work from anywhere around the world online. This will also save the time and work Is being done with more accuracy.

3. In present time everything is connected with the help of internet from your phone to the ATM machines everything is connected and one can easily know about the real time data and performance easily.

4. Internet makes very heavy thing to be done in very easy and light way like from handling the heavy machines manually to fully automatic through the computer and handling them from far away distance. This will save the many life from the disasters also sometime.

5. Through internet you can also store many things online upto unlimited size. Like your data, photos, videos and also many more things according to your need.

Disadvantages of Internet :

1. Using internet all the time for every work can effect your physical health as one is not moving from place to place and doing the physical work.

2. Data that is stored on the internet servers can be stolen easily as there are many hackers all around the world. This is one of the most dangerous disadvantage of using internet.

3. Misuse of Internet is also one of the problem. Many time internet is used by many for knowledge but their intentions are not that good.

4. Distraction for many. Internet can be very distractive form many many as while focusing on one thing internet will show you hundreds of choices which can be very distractful for someone.

5. Using internet can also be very time consuming and also bad for health. When someone is working on the internet sometime server issues and network problem can be very time consuming.

So everything which had advantages also have some disadvantages so as internet. But overall Internet has made our lives easy to live and prevent us from very physical work. During this present time of Coronavirus the whole world is shifted to online and working from homes using internet. So internet is both boon and a bane.

So that’s all about the topic “Internet. Who invented Internet? How Internet Works?”. Thanks for giving time to read it and if you like the information in this topic then don’t forget to share this. 

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