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Mobile Phones. History of mobile phones and who invented it?

Mobile Phone | Mobile phone have become very integral part of our life. Without Mobile phones life is not very easy these days. Every work nowadays can be done from mobile phones at your finger tips. But have you tried to find out when and how these phones are invented and who is behind the idea of these mobile phones? Today in this topic we are going to discuss about it everything in detail. So let's start :

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Mobile Phones History :

If you look back in the history the one thing that keeps on changing the most is the mobile phones. Mobile phones keeps on changing from time to time as the technology is advancing day by day. You can do everything at you finger tips using the phones. But history of these mobile phones are very interesting if you look back. If we see during the 90’s then the phones at that time are not like the one that we use today they were simple wired phone called as landlines. Only thing you can do through the phones at that time is just make a call to someone and if you are lucky one then only you can have the access to the internet. But if see the phones in 1980’s then you can only make calls with those time phones. So the question arises in everyone’s mind that from where did all this get started? These smartphone when did they make their way in our lives? To know these questions back in 1960’s the phones used during that time were only installed in the cars because only the car’s battery is able to generate that much energy which let’s phone to use. And also during that time of you want to talk to someone then you have to wait for approx. half an hour or more to connect to the line this is due to that only 12 channels were existed at that time. Things were like this till 1968 and during this year federal communications requested to fix this thing and then AT & T telephony is on it’s work to fix this time consuming bug. So the problem during that time was to break the large area network into the smaller ones so that at the same time many people can have the conversation at the same time. Many transmitter were used to make this possible and eventually they did it making many people to have conversation at the same time.

During this time Motorola a phone company wants this not be used in the cars because this can lead to their loss in the car mobile phones. Then Motorola decides to invent a new phone and for this discovery they assign Martin Cooper to beat his new technology. During this time it was a big risk as the company has not that much of capital to handle any failure. Where as on the other hand AT & T has a huge capital which can easily bear the loss and can take any risk. During this period Martin read a comic Pick Tracy where all the character in that comic communicate with each other using watches. And in this no wires were needed to communicate with each other unlike the landlines. From this martin get a unique idea to give a unique number to the individual to communicate on that particular number. Now he ahs a task to create a chip which can support the portable phones and can carry that phone anywhere. This chip will be using very less energy and eventually he has that working prototype by March  1973 and on April 3, 1973 in a press conference he launched these phone with chips. And before this the testing was done by him by calling the rival AT & T head Joel Engel. And Martin also said that we were only worried about whether phone is going to work or not when he was making the call. And after many testing and experiment Motorola launched the first portable phone in 1983 named as Dyna TAC 8000x with price 10,000 US dollars. This was the world’s first portable phone which we can carry anywhere while talking but it does take 10 hour to fully charge it and you can only have the conversation for only half hour. And it weigh’s approx. near to 1 kg but this was the huge success when it come so the portable phones. And after this lot of invention were done to make it more lighter and easy for use and now her we are using many phones of different bands with more facilities and hundreds of feature in it. This is how the first ever mobile phone was invented and came in the use.

How Mobile Phone Works?

Earlier we use the landline which uses wires which help in communicating with other receiver people. But in Wireless that is like in mobile phone we need a strong and safe signal. We see the towers around us yes through these our phone works sending the signal to these towers then these towers receives that message and send it to the destination receiver. It looks so time consuming but in actually it very fast within seconds these processes work and message is sent very fast and quick. Mobile phones have microphones in it Which automatically get’s converted into the digital form i.e. in terms of 0 & 1 which is used by computers for their coding. Then these messages will be converted into electromagnetic waves by antenna in our phones making it in the forms of waves. Then tower receives this message in term of these waves and sends these wave to the destination receiver end. Then at the receiver end in our phone this electronic message get decoded by the same antenna installed in our phones to the digital form and makes the message very clear to read and reaches safely. So these towers are also divided according to the area so that one tower can transmit that particular area signal to avoid the signal intermixing with other towers in the area. Your whole information is carried out by tower to the MSC(Mobile Switching Center) from where your message or call will be sent to tower according to the destination area. This whole process is done behind making a call but this whole process is very fast and easy so that you can make a call or message other with in the specific time. So yeah this is the shortest way possible to clear how the mobile and other wireless device works in daily life.

So that’s all about the topic “Mobile Phones. History of mobile phones and who invented it?”. Thanks for giving time to read it and I hope you all learn something new. And if you like it then don’t forget to share it.

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