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Dinosaurs. How Dinosaurs became Extinct?

Dinosaurs | When you heard the word Dinosaurs what comes to your mind a big gigantic animal with heavy structure. Dinosaurs are the animals that were went extinct way long back. But about there extinction many stories were formed. So today we are going to discuss everything about the Dinosaurs, how they were invented? what happened to them how did they become extinct? All about the Dinosaurs. So let's Start :  

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Dinosaurs :

Dinosaurs are the biggest and the oldest creatures on earth that ruled over this planet. Approx. 23 crore years back one of the earth’s landmass was filled with these huge creatures. Many movies and many magazine have been published on these creatures and people earned a lot money from these creature based stories. But till now the bones of these gigantic animals are being discovered by the scientists. These dinosaurs have their many own mysteries which were still unsolved till date. We can not see these creature with our eyes but we can imagine there size and there existence by the discoveries of their remains. Many mysteries about the dinosaurs have created human enthusiasm in knowing them more and created an anxiety for there discovery. So let’s start with the mysteries about the Dinosaurs and then we will discuss about their extinction.

Mysteries about Dinosaurs :

1. We all know that Dinosaurs exists in the past on this planet but we don’t know which were the first one to be existed. We can not know this by their remains that which one are the earliest? In the 1930 the remains of the Nyasasaurus breed are expected to be the first of dinosaurs to be existed on the planet. These were considered to be approx. 24 crore years old. But even after this we can not say correctly that these were the 1st to exists. The remains of many breeds were not ever found or discovered ever.

2. There is also the mystery about the biggest Dinosaurs. Many people believed that Supersaurus are the biggest one to be ever lived on the planet. But to say this is also somewhere wrong as these were one of the biggest dinosaurs among many other bigger species. As we have other remains which were bigger than these Supersaurus. And many more and bigger remains are being found and discovered as the discoveries were went on.

3. Mysteries about the fastest dinosaurs. Many Hollywood films show the dinosaurs very fast when they are hunting but that was also not true. Due to their large and huge size these Dinosaurs are unable to do many thing with high speed. Their large size and small legs creates huge problem in running fastly. But there are small species too that can move fast creating conflict that which one are the fastest?

4. Mysteries related to their colour is also one of the mysteries of their existence. In many movies the colour of the dinosaurs are shown in green or some deep colours that was completely based on fiction. Many discoveries related to the actual colour of these species are being in the process.

5. Mysteries about how did they raise their young ones? This is unfortunate true that we don’t know much about this raising the youngers. But we are sure about the fact that they lay the eggs of which the proofs are also available with the scientists. In 1970 Myosaurus Species eggs remains were found, which help in understanding their nature in better way. Studies show that they protected their babies till they are ready to hunt by themself. Where there are some species also which let’s their babies to live on their own fate. Albertosaurus are considered to be vegetarian and they protect their eggs until they hatch. But we still clearly don’t know how they raise their young ones.

6. Functions of their crests, Spikes and horns. We are still unable to explore these things about the dinosaurs we still don’t know the exact function of these things on their body. Many dinosaurs have the spike and horns on their head and some having these on their back as well. We think that they use these to defend themselves but scientists have different thinking. According to them these play role in controlling their body temperature and other internal body functions. Many people think that they used these to identify their own species.  But we correctly don’t know anything about this mystery.

7. One of the mystery is also this whether they were more active on day or on night. Many believe that dinosaurs were more active during the day time. As this was discovered by the round black holes which were marked on their eyes which helps them to saw the thing more clearly during the night. But according to some scientist these marks were also found on other species heads so they may be more active during the day time. So yeah we are also not sure about this one whether they were good at night or day.

8. Mysteries about their Intelligence. Size of some dinosaurs brain is very small as compare to their size but they were more intelligent than this. Only their brain size is the only way to determine how much intelligent they were. Some species of these dinosaurs are very much intelligent as today’s wild beasts.

So these were some of the mysteries about the dinosaurs which creates great enthusiasm in knowing the dinosaurs more.

How Dinosaurs Extinct ?

Bigger question arises that how these monster creatures got extinct? Many of you must have read or heard this that they were killed by the asteroid hitting the earth creating lot of gas and smoke in the earth’s atmosphere. Due this collision for many years sunrays are unable to reach the earth’s surface which leads to extinction of almost 90% of life on the earth and 100 % extinction of dinosaurs. But is this even true ?

Approx. 66 million years ago our earth atmosphere has a huge change in it. According to the scientists research our earth temperature went below 60 degrees, which was shown in present time by the rocks even today. We can see the radium layer created and this layer formed in the rock only when a large number of animals died at once. In 1980 geologist Walter studying this layer then he found 100 time more radium than normal in this layer. Then father Luise Alvarez also started to explore this more with his son and then both give Asteroid impact theory. Both said that approx. 64 million years ago a 10 km broad asteroid has collided with our earth, which creates approx. 18 crore megaton blast energy. Then many more discoveries related to this asteroid hitting the earth come forward which were proved to be true. To found the hole created by that asteroid they found that radium has maximum amount in north America, and later on in 1991, near Mexico gulf they found it with the help of radar and satellite technology, and the size of the hole was 180 km. But scientist also believed that Dinosaurs started to extinct before the collision because of the lot of the volcanic activity in the earth surface creating the Deccan traps. And this has a huge change in the earth’s temperature and atmosphere. Results to gas and smoke in the earth’s atmosphere. And for many years sunrays are unable to reach the earth’s surface which leads to extinction of almost 90% of life on the earth and 100 % extinction of dinosaurs. So this how the dinosaurs got extinct.

So that’s All about the topic “Dinosaurs. How Dinosaurs became Extinct?” I hope you all learn something new. Thanks for giving time to read it and if you like it then don’t forget to share it.

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