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Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster - World's biggest nuclear Disaster.

In this topic we will discuss about the world's biggest nuclear disaster happened in Chernobyl. Here many elements are involved like US, USSR pride, cold war etc. So here we will analyse it in depth with full details. So Let's Start
Before the USSR broke in 1991 which give equal competition in all fields to USA and is the only one at that time with such capabilities. But later on in 1991 USSR broke and many  new countries came into existence. Ukraine is also one of them which is now completely independent. And in the North of capital of Ukraine there is a place called Chernobyl and around that this whole story will revolve. 

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Starting : 

This all started in 1980's which is very important for USSR during this time US is progressing very fast in terms of economy. But on the other hand some regions of USSR were not performing well at that time. Then the policy maker of USSR at that time decided to make a new city which help in country's growth. So the name of the city is Pripyat. Near this there was a small town of Chernobyl where they decided to  make the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, officially known as the V.I. Lenin atomic power plant during soviet era. From 1970 work on this plant started because upto 1980 they planned to make the city full of people. 

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The City : 

This city was going to be the soviet's union 9th Atomograd - which is a Russian word for Atomic City. The Pripyat was being erected 3km away, for the express purpose of housing the ambitious station's 50,000 operators, builders, support staff and their families. And they planed to make huge buildings, schools which was going to be their economic hub. It had all the facilities you would expect o fa modest sized city. In addition to a hospital and its nearby clinics, there were 15 kindergartens, 5 schools, a vocational school/college and a school of music and the arts for the children, with I expansive park and 35 smaller playgrounds for them to play in. This was all their plan to create their city. This was a dream project for USSR government. 
During 1980's Chernobyl power plant was almost completed. And US economy also took huge growth. For the defense of Pripyat USSR leaders were worried for that they  OTH( over- the - Horizon) radar system developed by Government which was a part of early Soviet ballistic missile network. The system operated from July 1976 to December 1989. Two Duga- 3 radars were deployed, the other in eastern Siberia. Although complications put the the plant two years behind schedule, the first reactor - Unit 1- was commissioned on the 26th of November 1977, following months of tests. Three more reactors followed : Unit 2 in 1978, Unit 3 in 1981, and Unit 4 in 1983.

Pripyat, Chernobyl

The Chernobyl Disaster : 

Everything was going very perfect and smooth. But on 25-26 April 1986. On 25 April the worker who handle the reactor did a test there to check the emergency functions working properly. During this test the control on the rods of nuclear plant lost. And in this design there a thing that if power become very low then they can loose the control this same problem happened there. The senior on this project was 26 year old who is controlling it. No experience was there to control these reactors. He made a mistake when switching from manual to automatic control of the control rods, causing them to descend much farther into the core than intended, This resulted in an almost total shutdown of the reactor. And the pouring water into the reactor suddenly with very fast speed changed into the steam which destroyed the roof of the reactor. And the radiation of the reactor it was open all the people nearby come in this contact and the explosion was heavy that many people died of the explosion. The radiation was spread all over the region.The fire workers goes there to control the fire with no high protection but the radiation was so high that there body shredders and died very painfully. But the Unit 4 reactor was also active then they decided to bury it with sand from helicopters. But in actual the design of the plant was very bad it was discovered later.  
After the radiation started flowing through air and in Sweden it was detected that it was coming from USSR and these countries were anti USSR so that angle also came. They started publishing that 2000 people died because of radiation but in reality only 50 people were died.

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Pripyat City : 

Very misfortune happened with the people who started living here as they have to leave this place now due to radiation. The resident of the city knew there had been an accident, but had no idea how sever it was, and went about their day as usual on Saturday the 26th. Word spread throughout the day that something serious had gone wrong. In order to prevent panic, no information was provided about what had happened at the plant. Those who tried to leave town soon discovered that police had set up roadblocks to stop anyone entering or leaving the area. The Dream City of USSR was destroyed and the economic loss happened there. 
Now Pripyat is a ghost town i northern Ukraine where the radiation till now was very high which is not good for health. In 1986 the city of Slavutych was constructed to replace Pripyat.

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Can this happen in future again : 

There is very less chances of such disaster now. As in Chernobyl there is fault of the Design. Now most of the nuclear power plants have a concrete containment structure that will withstand with a direct hit. It holds all the radiations that could leak out in an accident. So Chernobyl was a tragedy from which we all learn lessons. Now a days to handle these kind of situation there are proper safety measure prepared. So yeah it is very less chances that something like that happen again. 
So that's all about this topic i hope you all learn something new if you like please share.

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