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Project Trinity. Did you know about it?

It was very interesting topic but in reality it was a wrong thing. This project created an unseen war which is still hurting us all and due to which wars are going on in the world. Due to this project bombings of Japan was done and cold war started due to this project.And America has to run a race with Germany of who makes the bomb first so we will cover all in this topic. And one of biggest problem is due to this project nuclear arm race begins among the countries. And due to this project America invaded many countries thinking that those countries also making the nuclear bombs. So lets start discussion on this topic.  

Nuclear Weapons Test, Nuclear Weapon, Weapons Test


This was an american project full name of this whole project is Manhattan Project. It was during from 1942 to 1946 and to make the nuclear bomb in Manhattan Project. Americans scientist working day and night on this project and J. Robert Oppenheimer did it and often called as "Father of atomic bomb" who is the leader of this project. So to create the nuclear bomb test was conducted in 1945 called as "Project Trinity". So when was this all started after world war 1 america offering loan to Germany but the real problem came when the Great depression happened in 1929. So during this time Hitler Came into force. But during the world war 1 there was one man who has great sorrow and that was great scientist who wanted to change the whole Germany was Werner Karl Heisenberg.and due to him America started this whole Project. He was a true Patriot of Germany. So gave many theories to contribute his countries did many researches and received the Nobel prize and become the youngest scientist to receive this prize.
 And after all this on the other hand Oppenheimer started reading Sanskrit in 1933 and started reading Bhagwat Geeta Indian Hindu Scripture and get very attached to it. And when the Trinity test completed he used to remember one of the Preaching of this in his interview. Heisenberg proved that if we split the atoms we can produce much energy and can be used then Germany called him told to work on Atomic bomb. So the race to create atomic bomb 1st started without knowingly from 1939. Hitler used the resources of Belgium to create the Bomb. Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President of US at that time in 1942 that Germany is creating a Atom Bomb and to do something about it. So America started the Manhattan Project in June 1942 And created more than 30 laboratories and sites more than 13000 people get involved in it. But America won in this due more scientists than Germany. As Germany was under Hitler so he has the shortage of scientists and a good co-ordinating team leads to no result.And handler of this project is colonel Leslie of army to find more scientist and he appoints Oppenheimer as chief of this project. But the problem of Uranium faced by US but Germany had it. The base for this mission was set up in Los Alamos in New Mexico.

Trinity : 

And name of this test given by Oppenheimer  inspired by poetry of John Donne. So from 1942 to 1946 continued tests were conducted here. So in place of uranium american scientist suggested to use plutonium. So Atom bomb was created by Plutonium and tested . So the 1st bombed that was tested named as "Gadget."  But on the other hand Heisenberg couldn't give the results. So on 16 July 1945 morning very few VIP's were invited to see the test and this place was very secret and even the people who involved in making it were also not familiar with this that they were creating a bomb only the scientist knew and even the Vice president didn't knew about this project. When the bomb was finally detonated on top of steel tower intense light flashed and sudden wave of heat was followed by great burst of sound echoing in the valley. So a big blast happened and the test was successfully conducted. And on the other hand due to lack of team and scientist Heisenberg couldn't succeed in it. So Hitler and Germany loose it. 
But it doesn't end here as the enmity between US and Japan still there from the pearl harbor. So to make it all done America give warnings to Japan but has no effect on Japan. And then they Bombed in Japan in 1945. But Leslie has plan to bomb Japan every month but Henry denied it. So till now US provide Security to Japan.

Atomic Bomb, Weapons Of Mass Destruction, Destruction

Geeta : 

As earlier I have told you that Oppenheimer has started reading Geeta in 1933 and get attached to it very much and about he teachings of Geeta. So the preaching that Oppenheimer remembered after the test is from geeta which says: 
" If the Radiance of thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the mighty one......"

This he also told later on in many interviews about this and many journals covers it.

Nuclear Age : 

After this incidence the nuclear age started.So from here on wards nuclear arm race between US and USSR started about having the highest no. of nuclear weapon. USSR started their program for nuclear weapons and till now war for this continues in some countries. This was all very sad in one terms that many people were dying due to this. And in Japan the Radiation was so strong that till now the effects of the bomb can be seen there as disabled children were born there. So this test was a Success at that time but it was a failure to humanity as many people have suffered  due to this and many more are suffering till now. And many countries all still trying to develop it and no one know when it all is going to End.

Nuclear Power Plant, Landscape, Nuclear Power

So that's all about this project I hope you learn something new from this topic.

Thank You    

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