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Student Elections : Good or Bad

As we all know in the colleges there are student election occur every year . These are done to represent the students of a college and choose a common leader of college who can put the difficulties of students in front of the college authorities. The President that is the leader of the students must be the one who cares about the institution and know the campus very well. But in India these election have become a way to enter a way into the Indian Politics which good also but in some cases the president is not doing work for the college. The fund authorized by the college authorities sometimes get misused and the student didn't even know about it. So college election are good and bad also these have both the faces or you can say these are like two sides of the coin. So lets discuss the pros and cons of these elections.

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Advantages : 

There are very advantages of college elections some of them are listed below: 
  1. Through these elections one learn how to lead which is helpful for future to lead as an officer or as an politicians this will help a lot. It lets you to lead in a small group before you go to a big stage.your leadership qualities are get displayed in front of students and you can also get feedback from students if you want to know your performance.
  2. It will help one in understanding how the politics works on actual grounds. Student elections let the one to know the inside of the politics and to learn the how to do the paper work in real time and what are the further process to do the work. 
  3. Student election also give the demo to the candidate how to work with the different political parties and how to engage in the political parties.Student election also help the one to learn how to create own political party to take part in the elections.
  4. Students election also let the one to develop a quality to assemble or make together a large no. of people together and to have a conversation with large people at one time and to share ideas of one another with each other.
  5. Student Election also let to develop a quality of management in an individual.This quality of management is very tough to do but one will get the opportunity to learn and grow it. Management of something is very important quality of a candidate and to co ordinate with all work together at a single time.
  6. Student Election also help the one in having a good communication skills with large gathering. To deliver a speech on a stage is the biggest fear which can be handled during this period. To deliver a speech and communicate with large gatherings is quality that many people don't posses but the one who have develop it in the college election. 

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Disadvantages : 

As we all know if there are advantages of something it will bring disadvantages with it self as well so lets discuss some of them here 
  1. First disadvantage of Student Election is the disturbance in the study routine of students. As there will be campaigns of political parties in the campus so it can bother the studies of students. And in some cases the campaign will get to the classrooms so it can affect the studying pattern and focus of someone from studies. So yeah it is one of the biggest disadvantage of Student elections.
  2. In some of elections there can be Violence can be seen. Students from different parties get face each other many time during the campaign and due to lack of experience they sometime get physical which could be dangerous to lives as well. 
  3. Waste of money is also one of the biggest disadvantage as there is lot of money wasted on these elections as the national parties also get involved in this and provide the funding for campaigning. Also for the smooth conduct of these elections a lot money is wasted on the securities purposes.
  4. And due to these elections sometimes college authorities face many problems handling these elections they have to form a different committee for these elections which lets teachers to distract from their other works of the college.And due to this there is lot of pressure on the college management staff to handle these elections. 

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Impact Of these elections on Society :

These elections has a huge impact on the society as one of these candidates may become the next President or Prime Minister of a nation. So from these election we can get the future politics of a country and can get the idea how will a country gonna run in the future. From these election we can get the idea of our nation upcoming generation capabilities of taking a nation to a further ahead and the policies of country. These elections are very closely watched and monitored by the national parties to check the capabilities of a candidate to run a college campus smoothly and easily. So if any candidate do well in it they can pick that candidate and recruit him to their party which could give them win in the elections and let the nation to proceed further. Also this helps in understanding the thinking of society that in what way they want the country to proceed in future.

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Conclusion : 

In the end to conclude it I only want to say that these elections needs to get in limited circle which can neither effect the studies nor high amount of money get wasted. Some states in India like Himachal Pradesh have banned these election due to the violence in the campuses. So this kind of thing can also be done to avoid such things. As college and other Institution are made to gain education and moral values not the violence and wastage of money. Like i said earlier it like a coin having both good and bad sides on it. So if the demo of real politics is need to be given this have to be in a limited circle so that it can not violate the other social lives and leave a good inspiring example to the youth and the next generation. So i have discussed the both sides of this topic what do you think on  this topic let me know in the comment box below.

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