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Guinness World Records. Top 10 craziest Guinness World Records.

Guinness World Records| Guinness World Records are Recognized all around the world. These Guinness Record have a huge history for their beginning. Guinness World Records have a huge number of records in it and is being updated every-time. In this Topic we are going to discuss how these Guinness records get popularized and about top 10 craziest world record of all time. So let's Start :

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Guinness World Record History :

As we all know that if you have record and you get registered in Guinness world record that is a big deal because you will be noticed by the world. This book of record have some amazing record holders over the years, but how did this book of record become so famous? You might be surprised, but the Guinness book was started as a beer promotion. In 1951, the Guinness Brewery executive, Sir Hugh Beaver, was at a Shooting party in Ireland, when he and his companions had missed a couple of golden plovers, the argument began, if it’s hard to catch, maybe it’s just the fastest game bird in Europe? Or is the red grouse or the peregrine falcon faster? Nobody knew the right answer. Beaver tried to look it up in a reference book and found nothing. He wondered, what if there was handbook, that could resolve debates like this? More importantly, he figures that if could popular in pubs to settle bar bets. 3 years later, he decided to transform this marketing idea into reality. Beaver hired journalist Norris and Ross McWhirter to gather peculiar facts and records, the brothers were running a fast-finding agency providing data to encyclopedia at the time. Legend has it that during the interview they were asked which languages has the fewest irregular verbs, they instantly gave the reply with correct answer( it’s Turkish) and got the job. They at first started off by sending letters to dozens of experts in every field of Science. Apart from the research, the book took them 13 and a half 90 hour weeks to compile. Guinness’s initial intention was to provide over 80,000 British and Irish pubs with a free copy, the even had a water resistant covers. “ It was a marketing giveaway – it wasn’t supposed to be a money maker” Sir Hugh Beaver. When the first 198- paged edition was published in august 1955, the result exceeded all expectations. By Christmas, it made it the top of the British bestseller lists. The next year, the book went on sale in the USA. 70,000 copies were sold, but what were the actual first Guinness Records? The British cow with the highest lifetime milk yield- 325,130 lb in over 17 years, the smith’s arms, the smallest pubs in the world – 10 feet wide and 4 feet high and John R. Cobb with a world land speed record- 403,135 miles per hour. Since the book’s launch, a new revision has been published once a year. Guinness World Records is issued nowadays in 100 countries and 23 languages. It has even set it’s own Guinness world record! It’s officially the best selling copyright book in the world, with sales over 100 million copies. This is how these Guinness world record started and get popular all around the world. Now let’s take a look at the most Amazing records till now. 

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Top 10 Craziest Guinness World Records :                 

1. Skydiving without a Parachute :

You will not impress anyone with skydiving today yes it is an extreme sport not everyone has the courage to do it, but in general it is quite common but imagine jumping without a parachute from a great height out of a plane quite a different story. An American skydiver Luke Aikins was the first man to jump from a height 7,620 meters out of a plane without a parachute. He didn't use a parachute at all and after about two minutes of free-fall he successfully landed in a 30 by 30 meter net, as if that jump wasn't dangerous enough already. Luke needed to do precise calculations in order to land in the right spot the historic jump happened in Simi Valley California. By the way Luke is a professional skydiver and stuntman who coached many skydivers and also performed stunts in Iron Man 3. In order not to lose a valuable employee the Screen Actors Guild intervened in the final weeks of preparations by insisting he wear a parachute for the stunts as a precaution in case something goes wrong, but Luke refused because the parachute would greatly increase his mass and therefore could ruin the entire jump. It took Aikens two years to prepare for this daring trick all for two and a half minutes of free-fall. To film this incredible jump three more skydivers jump together with Luke one of them was shooting a video, the other left a smoke trial for the observers on the ground and the third removed his oxygen tank. Then all three deployed their parachutes as Aikens continued plummeting towards the ground during the free-fall stuntmen reached a speed of 193 km/h and successfully landed straight into the net.

2. A Mantle of bees: 

Any man who's ever encountered bees wants to steer pretty clear off them. They sting you know and it hurts like hell, however a fearless Chinese man named Ruan LiangMing made a world record as of his relationship with these insects. During one of the episodes of the Italian Guinness world record show he covered his entire body with bees and yes they were still alive. The brave man almost completely disappeared under the mantle of insects in an attempt to create the longest bee beard. This weird hobby became popular back in the 19th century, competitors place the queen bee on their bodies after which thousands of bees flocked to them. Ruan effectively set a precedent for the heaviest mantle of honey bees which gauged an overwhelming 63.7 Kilograms and comprised of roughly 6,37,000 individual creepy crawlies including 60 Queens. He explains the secret behind his success the Challenger must keep calm when dealing with bees. Honey bees will kick the bucket once they sting you so they generally abstain from stinging except if they believe you're compromising them.

3. Fearless Slack-liners :

Slack-lining is an art of walking or balancing along a suspended length of flat webbing and as in any form of physical activity records have been set here as well. Three professional slack-liners Pablo Signoret, Rafael Britty and Guillaume Curie decided to set a record walking a 200 meter high line between two ice balls in the French Alps at a height of 3 kilometres above sea level. It sounds very scary a very dangerous but the coolest thing about it is that the slack liners has actually made it aside from maintaining their balance as an incredible height they also have to deal with a lack of oxygen strong winds and cold weather. Mountains are not the most welcoming place for such tricks after all but they did it as they like to set the most difficult thing was to get to the place where they were going to set the record. The guys are to walk more than five days to reach the spot.

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4. Paraglide flips :

If you think that a Paraglider is not the best aircraft for tricks think again because Horacio Llorens can certainly change your mind. In 2002, this amazing man did 568 tumbles during one jump tumbling and the right to be considered the most difficult of all maneuvers because the pilot goes over the vertical line of the paraglide sail in consecutive loops we don't know how he avoids tangling, but one thing is certain Horacio Llorens is a true professional.

5. The longest breath hold ever :

An ordinary person can survive from one to five minutes without oxygen a trained professional up to nine minutes that's because our bodies can't work without oxygen and this is hard to overcome. However Alex Segura a free diver from Spain challenged the limits of the human body. On February the 28th 2016, he set a world record by holding his breath underwater for 24 minutes and 3 seconds. He developed a special skill called static apnea, that is he completely stopped any breathing. However he wouldn't be able to spend this much time underwater without a previous pure oxygen breather. This is allowed by the rules so Alex Segura was not cheating. In 2018 his record was broken by a Croatian diver Budimir Sobat who held his breath for 24 minutes and 11 seconds.

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6. 110 rope skips :

Rope skipping is perhaps one of the most common and classic records because anyone can set them well you would after train hard of course. A Chinese schoolgirl Wang Zhuoxin for example skipped over a 110 ropes at once standing either side of Wang in two large semi circles a hundred and ten of her schoolmates swung the ropes making sure they all move together so as to not trip their friend up and then Wang began to jump. That's how she says a new incredible world record skipping over a 110 ropes a 112 times amazing.

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7. A string and needles :

Wan Fuquan record is amazing not only in terms of speed but also in terms of ingenuity. Indeed who would think of threading a needle without using one's eyes or arms. This Chinese man arranged the needles on a wooden plank about a meter long it looks something like a long comb with needles instead of teeth. All the needles were positioned on the same level each approximately one centimeter away from each other and then something incredible happened because one put a red thread in his mouth and threaded 44 needles in a minute without even looking at them. It's a new Guinness world record with his mouth, we have no idea from where he came up with this idea.

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8. Amazing drift :

A driving instructor called Johan Schwartz set a world record for a continuous drift. Yes such records do exist but what Johan accomplished simply defies comprehension. He drifted in a BMW M5 in a circle for 8 hours straight to set the record BMW came up with a custom fuel system capable of refueling the car mid-drift. A second BMW M5 with an additional fuel tank had to start drifting together with Schwartz the stuntman suspended himself out at the rear passenger window in order to connect and hold the fuel lines of the filler though it looks like a scene from the fast and the Furious. The refueling was done 5 times in 8 hours and Schwartz drifted roughly 374 kilometers which is 210 kilometers more than the previous record. No one refueled the car of the previous record-holder though instead an additional tank was installed on the car.

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9. Cliff-diving :

Have you ever heard of cliff diving this is a special kind of diving which literally takes your breath away. All you need is a high cliff a deep enough pool and a daring man to make a jump. Cliff diving originated in Hawaii this country has cliffs which seemed to have been designed for diving into the water. This activity was invented many years ago by the locals they tested their will and bravery in this way because not everyone would dare jump off a cliff. Today cliff diving is a popular extreme sport in many corners of the world but it's still hard to believe someone would be brave enough to do it. For example one daredevil set a world record after leaping almost 60 meters from a cliff and into a tiny pool of water. The jump lasted less than 4 seconds and the man reached a speed of a 123 km/h before touching the water. Is though surprising that he needed some time to recover after the jump because of the high altitude his body experienced great stress when landing into the water in addition it is very important to enter the water completely vertical to avoid grave injuries.

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10. World record free-fall :

What is the top speed of a man during a free-fall? Australian skydiver Felix Baumgartner became the first man in history to break the sound barrier out sight of a vehicle. He also set a world record for a free-fall height jumping from a height of 39 kilometres and safely landing in the deserts of New Mexico. His top speed year in the fall was 1,342 kilometres per hour that is it exceeded the speed of sound. Just imagine how fast he was falling during his ten minutes descent to earth Felix had 5 minutes of free-fall and as a highs of one and a half kilometres above the earth who deployed the parachutes. By the way the helium balloon and suit were custom made by engineers specially for Baumgartner. The members of his team insisted that Baumgartner was setting this record not for the sake of fame but for a serious scientific purpose. They believe that the success of the project will result in the creation of new emergency evacuation systems for high speed Jets.

So that’s all about the topic “Guinness World Records. Top 10 craziest Guinness World Records.” I hope you all learn something new and if you like it then share it.  

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