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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and India

Coronaviruses are the group of virus cause disease in mammals and birds. It cause problems in lungs of human body and affects respiratory system and can cause death. It easily transfers from human to human body.It makes the lungs hard to compress as our lungs works like sponges but it make it hard to this action of lungs and cause problem to take breath.

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Symptoms of COVID-19 :

1.) Cough
2.) Fever
3.) Tiredness 
4.) Difficulty Breathing ( Severe Cases)

It's Origin and spread : 

It initially starts from Chinese city Wuhan as its outbreak begins in December 2019. One of the reasons of it's transfer from mammals to human may be Chinese wet Market where people eat many wild things.As of April 1 2020 it spreads all over the world and has infected many people. Main reason of its spread is that Chinese govt. initially did not give any knowledge of it to the world and world keep travelling from China to the whole world and it's spread keep on increasing and situation is still getting worse as of now.
And Also after a long WHO Declares it as Pandemic  as it spreads all over the world. 

When will this Pandemic Ends :

As of now there is no vaccine available to combat this disease and the whole world is trying to make the vaccine for it but scientist said that it will take approximately 1 year to make the vaccine or more. But if we read about the other viruses in the history like SARS in 2002 and others there is change in spread and no. of cases of other viruses decrease or vanish completely with the increase in temperature as bonds between virus molecules may broke with increase in temperature. Scientist have said that there may be decrease in this virus also as the temp. increase in summer season but about it's vanish they are not sure. And in the cold temperature viruses spread quickly and more easily and there bonds are close to each other. But we can only prey that this will Vanish.

Coronavirus and the world : 

The whole world is now combating against this virus as it's cases goes on increasing continuously till now US has the large no cases and Italy has the highest no. of cases of death. These stats may change in future but lets hope that it will stop here and no further spread is happen.

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Coronavirus and India : 

Being the neighbour of the origin country and having 2nd highest population in the world India did well having very less cases  than the whole world by comparing the size and population even with the small countries. India took the lessons and learn from the mistake made by Italy and other country having large no. of cases in starting and lock down the country in the very beginning that some other countries did not do the same. Indian PM also stars the public donation fund named as PM-CARES where any one can donate according to their capability willingly. Some of the states of country also imposed the curfew to stop it's spreading. So these are some very early good steps that helps India to contain this virus to such extent. 

Effect on World Economy : 

As it is pandemic so there is also a huge Impact on the world economy as factories are closed and there is no transport.Countries also stopped the international flights to stop spreading. So the world economy get negatively affected. The Stock markets of various countries crashes badly like US market Indian stock markets and also the other global economies. There is also a great loss to the wealth of billionaires around the World. Last time such crash happen in 2008-09 during Swine flu outbreak but that was less comparing to this one. So yes it Impacts the the world economy very Badly and creates the challenge to the world for revive it after this all Ends.

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How to prevent yourself form this Virus :

As there is no vaccine available  till now so the best way to prevent yourself from this devastating virus is Social Distancing. Do not Create the people gathering or attend any. Keep yourself in the home as much as possible keep your hands clean wash them frequently for 20 seconds with soaps or You can sanitize your hands with alcohol based sanitizer. Avoid hand shaking with other people. These are the some of the measures that you can take to prevent yourself and you Families too. SO stay home and be Safe.

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