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Why you should Travel and Why You Shouldn't

Travelling is the best way to relax yourself. Travel helps in all around development of a person. Travelling may be like a obsession to some one and it can be boring to someone. But after reading experiences of many people it is found that to travel is the best way to relax your mind and soul. Travelling make any person to get out of it's comfort zone and experience the nature lets you be come a better version of you from you. Travelling has the power to heal and make your brain to think differently from others that can make you a genius in any field that you want. Being in your house or in your office room can limit your thinking but Travelling gives you the exposure to the whole world. Travelling to a quite place also gives you new ideas to discover a better you and give the relaxation to mind and soul. But as we all know if there is benefit of something then there is also some disadvantages as well lets discuss some of them.

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Advantages of Travelling : 

1.) Challenges You : 

Travelling is the only thing that will challenge you at every point of it. It will expose your weakness and your strengths to you and let yourself know the better you. Travelling will give you many challenges like where to go, how to go, what happens if you go there and many more. This thing will also excite someone to do it and learn many things from it. Travelling will surprise you with every new challenge on your way to your destination.

2.) Health Improvement : 

Travelling also helps to improve your health and to stay fit if any Pandemic like conditions are not there. It will also let the freshness of nature to clear the inner you. It will let your body to get out of the comfort zone and increase your endurance and stamina of your body.Travelling makes you to walk more on your feet which will let your stay fit for a long time.

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3.) Gain Knowledge : 

According to me the biggest benefit of travelling around the world or any where around you is the gain of knowledge. Any where you go there is always a new information available to you that will create more interest in you about the travelling. Many Known and Unknown facts are discovered by travelling. So it's the biggest benefit of travelling.

4.) Interaction Improvement : 

Travelling also improves the ones communication skills with different people. It will expose you to the many kinds of people and help in communicating with them. This will also help in understanding the different cultures around the world and understand people thinking and the way they think about you. It will also let you know where you stand between others and what makes you odd among themselves. 

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5.) Appreciates yourself :

The one thing that many people doesn't know about travelling that it will allow you to appreciate you by know you from inside and outside as travelling helps to discover yourself. And if you appreciate yourself it will also boost your confidence in you to do your work with more focus and accuracy. So it lets you to appreciate yourself.

Disadvantages of Travelling : 

1.) Expensive :

If you want to travel to your picked destination and if it's abroad than it's going to be costly but if it's in your own country then it will not be that much costly for a normal earning man. If you travel then you have to bear the cost of stay, food and everything else of necessity. So yeah it will cost you a little bit or may be more.

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2.) Homesickness  :

Some of you who are travelling for the 1st time they can face this problem. But if you are not 1st timer then there is no problem. But there is also solution tho this problem to travel for short time period. And if you travel alone then you may feel homesickness so try to travel with your friends and family.

3.) Food :

Yes it's also the problem with some of the travelers that they don't get their daily life routine food or the one with which you are used to. This may affect the life of some wanderlust and travelers as they don't get what they want to eat.Or some of travelers can not used to different food with travelling.

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4.) Laws and Policy : 

Yeah with travelling you to deal with this problem too.This is very important to know and let yourself fully aware about the laws and policy of place that you are about to go. It gives problems to many travelers as there are many laws of different country of local localities so to know each and every thing about them is bit difficult. 

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5.) Language : 

Yeah Language is also a problem with some destinations as different places have different languages. Since there are millions of languages around the world so it is difficult to deal with it but now a days there are many and no. of translators available but to handle them may also a problem to some one and use them every time when you talk to someone. 

Conclusion : 

In the conclusion to it all i want to say that it's all worth it when you see the Advantages that can change your life. There are few disadvantages but take theme as the are challenge of travelling that one has to tackle them. So Travelling I think is the one that you should do in your life to make it more exciting and full of adventure because normal life everyone lives to make it different makes the difference. So I think you Should travel and Enjoy.

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