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Variety Of Indian Climate at Glance

Out of all the counties in the world India is the only one that gives you every variety of climate from hot 50-55 degrees to -10-15. There is no place on earth that can give you such variety of temperature with such a huge difference of temp. If you go to north of India you will get Cold weather and mild in the central India and Hot in Southern India. In India there is almost every type of vegetation available here except for Mediterranean type of climate which present between Africa and Europe. There is also witty culture there available due to it's citrus fruits. India lacks this kind of vegetation here. 

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In India there are desert available on a large scale near the Rajasthan area one of famous is Thar desert between India and Pakistan. And Huge forests available Madhya Pradesh is leading in this department of having huge and maximum forest. There are also world largest delta which is formed in West Bengal by Ganga and Bhramputra Rivers. There are also heavily dense Mangroves on the Indian and Bangladesh border called as "The Sunderban". 

In Terms of heights and mountains there are world oldest rocks in state of Karnatka in dharwar region. There are also some very old mountain ranges like Aravali ranges stretched from Gujarat to the capital city New Delhi. And also there are also world famous Himalayas lies in India. Highest peak in India is Kangchenjunga in state of Sikkim. 

Seasons : 

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Winter : Occurs from October to Mid Feb. where temp. in northern area falls upto -15 degrees and mild and pleasant temp. in the middle and southern India. 
Summer : Lies from Mar. to June mid. and the temp. in this will rise upto 50 degrees in Rajasthan state. May is the hottest month .
Monsoon or Rainy :  It lies from june to september and the temp. during this period is is mild lies from 18- 27 degrees. 

Geographical Location : 

Since India lies near the Equatorial so it have mainly the high temperatures  tropic of Cancer passes through the middle of India. Indian Latitudes starts from 6 degrees to 37 degrees and Longitudes from 68 to 97 degrees as these also shows the variation of temperature of India. India also shares a huge border with the sea. 

Disasters : 

Flood and Landslides : It is very normal in the heaviest rainfall areas to have flood and landslides. Some of incidents from Uttarakhand floods and landslides are very famous in Indian History that has happened back in 2013. 

 Cyclones : Cyclones are formed in Indian Ocean and are very devastating.These are Tropical Cycloneshaving sever storm. Cyclones mainly hit eastern part of Indian Plate. Mainly in Odisha cyclones shows the highest destruction in the recent years.

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Heat waves and Droughts : As India is near to equatorial line where sunlight falls in full force. So due to this during the summer season droughts and heat waves can be seen by the obvious reasons  

Earthquakes : 

In the northern and northeast India earthquakes occurs due to shifting in tectonic plates pushing towards the Himalayas. Indian plate separated from Tethyes sea and get attached to Eurasian belt and give rise to the Himalayas and till now Indian belt is pushing the Eurasian belt and that's the reason that the height of Himalayas keeps on rising till now. The Epicenter of many of earthquakes in India lies in Northern and northeast regions. And the southern region of India is the most stable part of India having no disturbances.  

Pollution : 

With the 2nd highest population of world over a billion people it is obvious to have pollution. Still India is not in the lead inn terms of polluting the world India is still below the US and China. With these countries producing a large amount of carbon dioxide which will give rise in Global warming. Major reasons in recent times in the growth of pollution mainly in the capital city of New Delhi is stubble burning which puts lives of many almost in danger. Now a days counties put their financial interests first than others that's why this problem of pollution is increasing day by day.
In India there is Fog the winter at many places that are heavily and densely populated this is due to the pollution levels are rising day by day. 

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Rain/ Monsoon  :

 The Indian rain or monsoon is mainly due to the south west sea wind which bring water molecules with them. Western ghats are wettest ghats in India having high amount of rainfall and in the northeastern and northern rain occurs due to reversal of winds. Highest rainfall in India occur in Meghalaya on north east due to orographic rainfall which occurs due to barrier. 

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Conclusion : 

In the End I want to say that India has the large variety of weather than no other has in it. This kind of climate only present in India. From very cold to very hot temp. Indian climate also has large variety  of vegetation in it. There are also millions of species live in India due to it's heavily diversities. So You can also say that One region with many and huge range of climate.

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