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The Revolution of Selfie

Selfie refers to self image clicked by yourself. Now a days there is hardly anyone who does not know about selfie but if there is anyone then let me tell you it is a self image clicked by yourself. People took selfie at different places at different moment to capture the memories. Earlier these selfie were taken by back cameras but as the popularization goes increasing the front cameras are given in phones. But do you know when was first time and from where it all started the idea of selfie and all other things if you don't then let me tell you about it in full detail below so let's start 

History and Beginning : 

It all Started back in 1839 When Robert Cornelius a Photographer takes the 1st ever selfie with Pin Hole Camera. And the first ever Group selfie taken by James Byron Clayton with his friends. These all were taken in black and white color. And the famous Buzz Aldrin is also very famous in this field as he was an astronaut who took the first ever selfie in Space. And after it the trend of selfie get started. Robert Cornelius called his first selfie "First light picture ever taken." There have been many improvisation and innovation since then to take the selfie many new things have been invented to take a selfie. Since then it's popularization goes on increasing. 


Robert Cornelius

Popularization : 

The first ever phone with camera is Nokia 6434 with back camera. There are many incidents around the world which popularize the selfie like from a selfie of monkey to Ellen DeGeneres multi celebrity selfie back in 2014 which have the record of highest no of re-tweet record. Also the curiosity of taking a self image also increase it's popularity. Mainly it gets popularize during the 90's when many people were taking the self portray of themselves. So that's how selfie get' s popularize and till now it has a huge impact on the youth who are taking selfie at every moment sometime to check their look they are using selfie to check it. Selfie's are also get popularize when people started sharing their pictures on social media like facebook , Instagram , Tweeter Etc. And back in 2014 oxford dictionary added the word Selfie to their Dictionary.

How To Take A Selfie : 

A selfie is very to taken now a days put you camera slightly above your head with 45 degree tilt and click. But to make your selfie more good there are many tools available today in the market like selfie stick to capture a wide angle selfie and different kinds of lighting. To make your selfie good you can also try these things like avoid shadows, Know when to use the flash of phone, smile like you mean it, Play with different angles, Use of filters. There are also many good quality camera phones with many kinds of feature available in the market which play vital role in taking a selfie. Make sure to use a camera with high resolution for better selfie.

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Impact on Social Environment : 

Now a days since selfie has almost become a habit of many people it also has impacted the society heavily. Now a days politicians also took the selfies while they were on the visit tour of other countries with leaders themselves. And youth is already get addicted to it they are taking selfies now a days everywhere. But in some cases while taking selfie people hurts themselves doing adventures things. Also on the other hand celebrities also take selfies which encourage the youth to do it by seeing their ideals doing it. So yeah it has huge impact in our day to day life. 

Only Good Vibes Through selfie : 

When a selfie is taken it almost every time taken in a good vibe. Or when we are taking selfie only good vibes comes out from one itself. Whether we are taking group selfie or alone 90% of time it taken in good mood and good vibes only. When there is a group selfie there is always a fun to take it as many of friends try to spoil it in a good way so there is also a positive of selfie that it brings joy and happiness and to capture a good images and memories only.  

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Selfies In Present : 

In present there is selfie for everyone at every moment whether it is a function, family gathering or anything else. Everyone is taking selfie at every place. Many people share their up to date activities they are doing in a day by sharing their selfies on various online social media platforms like Instagram and other various platforms adding selfies to the their stories. Some people inventing new ways to click a different kinds of selfies. Selfie can also bring out innovative ideas and minds with this talent of taking selfies. So in some how it also brings out best use of one's mind capability. Many people are earning money by creating sites on which they share different kinds of selfies tactics. So yeah you can say that it also has become an earning medium for some people. Many companies are providing many new tools to take a good selfie like selfie sticks and so they are also earning money through this. Many online apps and tools are also available to take a good selfie which also help them to generate a good amount of money. So Selfie is also benefiting many peoples around the world to earn money as their salary. Now a days many people sharing their hobbies so they also influence the social life of many people and the youth. 

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Conclusion : 

In the end I want to conclude it in a way that selfie has gone through a long way from it's beginning to the present there are many incidents happened that make it more popular around the world. And selfies are now altogether on a different level. Selfie has Gain much popularity in the present world and many people around play their role in it to make it so Popularize it to a different level.

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